We solve audio jack failure, by making the jack flexible

Current plug tech from 1876, time for a new design by JackSavior


The hard plastic part is gone. Connecting the wires inside the plug enables us to make it smaller.


The outside of the plug is completely flexible, which gives you freedom to move around. It also prevents breakage of your phone.


The connection is safely stored inside your phone while listening to music. This makes the plug up to 5 times stronger.


Ordered products will be shipped within 24hrs


Already have nice headphones? Use this 10cm (4") male to female adapter to save your jack


Connect your devices with a 1.5m (60") JackSavior male to JackSavior male connector

The First

The First JackSavior stereo earphones deliver premium quality sound while preventing jack failure

The Master

The Master On-Ear headphones deliver premium sound quality and enable you to share your music with friends