Improve your product with JackSavior technology

Jacksavior delivers a 10x stronger, smaller jack plug with 100% RF rejection and a cool black finish

Improve your product

With JackSavior technology your instrument cable will benefit from a 10x stronger jack, which is small and flexible. The black finish gives the jack its unique look.

Product range

We deliver any cable type with the following jacks:

  • 1/4" (6.35mm) stereo and mono
  • 3.5mm with 2, 3 or 4 conductors
  • both straight and angled

Optional black finish on the jack.

JackSavior factory

The last 3 years the technology is developed in close relationship with our Chinese partners. We therefore have a production method which neatly blends into every Chinese factory. From our audited factory we can deliver quality products with JackSavior technology right away.

Your audited factory

With our 3 years of experience in Chinese manufacturing we can offer to implement the production method at your audited factory.

Production method implementation

We will provide the factory with the JackSavior automatic solder machines and instruct them on how to use them. We furthermore have elaborate chinese descriptions of the production method which we use for the step by step implementation.

Finished projects

Together with Eastman Strings we developed a lightweight violin cable with the smallest jack on earth.


Please feel free to contact us about improving your product with JackSavior technology

dB Enterprises

Or contact our Hong Kong based sales agent:

Dave Lindberg, CEO

dB Enterprises - Sales Link to Asia for Technology

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